For Residential/Commercial Building
 Upto 5 Marla's     Rs.5,000/-
Above 5 Marlas's upto 10 Marla's     Rs.10,000/-
Above 10 Marla's upto 20 Marla's      Rs.20,000
More than 01 Kanal    Rs.30,000/-


Stacking Charges: Rs.5/sft of the proposed covered area of Building Plan

Scrutiny Charges: Rs.1.25/sft of the proposed covered area of building plan


 Rate for Non-Tax Revenue
 Mutation Fee (Inheritance)     Rs.1,000/-
Mutation Fee (Sale/Purchase)     Rs.1,700/-
Copying Fee GLR     Rs.300/- per page
Sale of form (Schedule V & Others)     Rs.500/-
 Typing Charges     Rs.1300/-
GLR Extract Fee     Rs.300/-



 For Extension and Enlistment Fee
  Architect/Structural Engineer Enlistment Fee     Rs.20,000/-