The cantonment area in Sialkot is adjacent to the city area. It is one of the oldest and most important Cantonments of Pakistan. It was established in 1852 by the British Indian Army. As gleaned from the old records, the Sialkot Cantonment is the precursor of Wazirabad Garrison which stood established for a sojourn from 1849-52. The site of Sialkot Cantonment was chosen by Sir Charles Napier, GCB, the then Commander-in-Chief, in 1851. The Wazirabad Cantonment was vacated and the garrison shifted to “Sialkot Cantt”, as it was then called, where actual occupation effected in 1852.


The congenial climate and prospects of meeting military requisites, close proximity to the Jammu and Kashmir state, led to the genesis of Sialkot Cantt. The Sialkot Cantonment is primarily flanked by two rivulets called nullas in vernacular i.e. nullah “Palkhu” towards the north and nullah “Bhed” towards the south, both originating from the Indian occupied Kashmir.


It serves as a military base and residential establishment. The cantonment maintains its own infrastructure of civic facilities and is outside the jurisdiction of Sialkot District Government. Its civic facilities are managed by Sialkot Cantonment Board. Sialkot Cantonment houses two divisions of infantry. There is also a small Sialkot Cantonment Airport in Sialkot Cantt in use by Army aviation.


Bazar Area

Bazar Area (measuring 173.49 Acres) was notified under section 43-A of Cantts Act 1924 vide Govt of India Notification No.053, dated 22-5-1937.  The said Notification was superseded and Bazar Area (measuring 173.49 Acres) re-declared vide Ministry of Defence Notification No.789/56, dated 24-8-1956.

1)       Date of Establishment of Sialkot Cantonment   1852


Area (Acres)





Units, Barracks, Lines, CMH, MES Office, BOQs, MOQs, OR lines, JCO Lines, Officer Colonies etc.

Land in the active occupation of the Army



Open land

Vacant Military Land for a specific purpose.



Post Office, PO Colony, T&T Communication Building & Railway Administration.

A land which is occupied or used by the federal government except for the Ministry of  Defence



Provincial Govt land.

A land which is occupied or used by the provincial government.



Land leased out to private persons

Leased land which is held by any private person.



Graveyard, Drains and Nullahs etc.

Vacant land which has not leased out to anyone



Roads, Public Parks, Quarters etc

A land which is vested in the Board.

Private & Other Lands 23.000    







The population of Sialkot Cantonment


(as per the latest census report

Bazar Area

460.16 Acres


13 Nos.

Grave Yard

06 No

Cantt Board Roads

45.08 K.M

Tube Wells

19 Nos.

Over Head Water Tank

04 Nos. 

Water Purification Plants

 30 Nos.

Street Lights

2552 Nos.

CB Public Girls School & College

01 No.

Reading Room

01 Nos

Women Skill Development Institue 01 No.